What if building an engaged and resilient green organization could be fun?


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I’ve discovered the key ingredients to a vibrant green organization, and a vibrant you.

Resilience. Engagement. Community.

It looks like the kind of place where there's enthusiasm in the air, where people ask great questions, and work together on projects, and collaborate, and you are a vital part of that.

Maybe right now it's not looking so much like that.​

You adore your staff, but you’re worried about burnout. It’s happened before, and you’ve lost good people. You want to help your staff renew themselves, during a time when it’s really important to have their best ideas and energy to help protect this planet.

You’d love to have more volunteers, volunteers from the communities that are hardest hit by environmental difficulties. How can you find them? Or maybe right now there are volunteers knocking down your door to help. Awesome! We love this kind of challenge. You’d like to retain them. How best can we direct and focus this great energy?

What if building an engaged, resilient green organization could be fun?

I’ve worked with thousands of volunteers, on multiple projects ranging from a computer reuse and recycling drive to doing major home repairs on multiple homes in one day.

I love helping with:

  • Volunteer Whispering
  • Staff Revitalizing
  • Creating Innovative ideas to Engage Communities with Your Work

I help purpose-driven environmental individuals and groups become innovative and resilient so they can build engaged communities and sustain their legacy.

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