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Fool Willing: The Secret Power of Play to Engage Communities in Your Green Organization

Join the "Green Team" as we create practical and playful solutions to environmental problems facing communities today.

Smart, Creative & Approachable

“As one who has spent years building community with an environmental focus in diverse urban settings, it is refreshing to read Fool Willing. The book is smart, creative, and approachable for all walks of life and all members of the community no matter their background. As a leader in the Green Movement, I consider this book perfect for my needs. Kathy’s powerful experience, derived from the 24/7 responsibility of raising a child with a disability, comes through in the form of patience, acceptance, and her understanding about judgment and prejudice from others. The practical exercises designed to get people into a playful attitude at work are brilliant. Using play as a way to cross the many divides between us is timely and important. I’m already making a list of people I know who need to read this book.”

–Ken Leinbach, Executive Director, Urban Ecology Center of Milwaukee,

A Pleasure to Read

“What a pleasure to read! It’s a bright twist on coaching and service work. I just love it! I had such a chuckle with the story about ‘Grant.’ I’ve done grant writing and it would have been a lot more fun to write to ‘Grant’! I found myself surprised and enchanted at so many of the teachings in these pages, even as a certified Martha Beck coach who knows how much Martha uses play. This book is going to rock the house.”

Shannon Conway, Coach and Entrepreneur,

Inspiring Roadmap to Enriching Environmental Action

“In Fool Willing, Kathy Oppegard provides us with an inspiring, practical, and joyful roadmap for enriching and broadening environmental action. In this delightful guidebook, she taps into a brilliant strategy for creating a sustainable environmental movement: a dual emphasis on the roots of human connection and human creativity. If you’re seeking novel, fun approaches to growing and nourishing your green organization, this book will provide you with many practical methods for inviting newcomers and strengthening the bonds between volunteers, board members, and staff.”

Kris McGuffie, Writer, Editor and Writing Coach, Metamorphosis,

About the Author

Author and certified Martha Beck Life Coach Kathy Oppegard helps people in environmental organizations bring communities into full participation in their organizations and volunteer teams. She has coordinated hundreds of volunteers for multiple events. And she loves hiking, canoeing, reading Jane Austen, and dark chocolate, fair trade of course.